Help build strength and stability

Your donation will help families in need of a decent place to build long-term financial security. With an affordable, stable home, families have more to spend on food, medicine, child care, education and other essentials. Your support can help us do more in all the many ways that Habitat builds.

No matter the size of the gift, all support is greatly appreciated.
There are many different ways to give to Canyon County Habitat for Humanity.
Every gift supports our affordable home building mission.
Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Click below to donate online with a one time or monthly gift.

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Canyon County Habitat for Humanity
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Your gift builds more than a house - it builds brighter futures.


Canyon Habitat is a community-funded organization - a community that includes our Habitat homebuyers. When you give to Habitat, you join forces with homeowners who are "paying it forward" through their monthly mortgage payments to help another family in need attain decent, affordable housing.

Canyon Habitat works in equal partnership with families, volunteers and donors, building a sense of community as well as affordable housing. Our partners include corporations, churches, foundations, organizations and individual donors who donate Gifts In-Kind of labor and materials to fund and build our homes. You or your business can join our growing list of local businesses to support the building of a Habitat home by donating materials or services.

What are Gifts in Kind

A Gift In-Kind is a gift of materials and/or labor that has monetary value to Canyon Habitat.

Examples of Gifts In-Kind include:

  • Someone donates siding that Canyon Habitat would have otherwise had to pay cash for
  • A business donates overstock/discontinued items or returns that Canyon Habitat would have otherwise had to pay cash for
  • A electrician donates his/her time to install electrical
  • A donation of land on which to build a home
  • A donation of a home to be renovated

How are Gifts In-Kind valued and accounted for?

  • Canyon Habitat is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and all donors will receive a donation receipt listing their gifts for write off on his or her taxes (personal or business)
  • Canyon Habitat accounts for Gifts In-Kind in its bookkeeping by assigning a value for what it would have to pay for the materials or labor
  • The donor is responsible for assigning a fair market value to the Gift In-Kind for his or her own tax purposes


Cars for Homes

To donate your car visit: and make sure to select our affiliate: Canyon County Habitat for Humanity your business can join our growing list of local businesses to support the building of a Habitat home by donating materials or services.

What can I donate?
Cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, trailers and recreational vehicles

What if my vehicle isn't running?
Your vehicle does not have to be running, but it must be whole and have four inflated tires so it can be moved by our towing operators

How long will it take you to pick up my vehicle?
All vehicle donations made to Cars for HomesTM are processed as quickly as possible. Typically, we will pick up your vehicle within 2 or 3 days after the title is received by our processing center in Rhode Island

What documents do I need to donate my vehicle?
You will need a clear title to the vehicle; If you cannot locate or have lost the certificate of title, we can help you obtain the proper documentation. The donation wizard will tell you what is required in your state.

What if the vehicle isn't registered in my name?
The vehicle does not have to be registered in your name. The name on the title and the name on registration documents may often differ. Contact our processing center at 1-877-277-4344 for more information.

Who benefits from my vehicle donation?
The Cars for Homes™ program distributes 100% of the net proceeds to your local Habitat for Humanity affiliate to help build homes in partnership with families in your community.

What are the tax benefits of donating my vehicle?
Habitat for Humanity International is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. If you itemize deductions on your income tax return, it may be possible to claim a deduction for your car donation. In general, donors who itemize their taxes may deduct the fair market value of any donated car up to $499. If your vehicle sells for more than $500, you may deduct the full selling price. You will receive the appropriate receipt from Habitat for Humanity for your car donation. For more information, please click the Tax Questions link above.

Do I need to be concerned with liability on my vehicle after it's picked up?
Habitat for Humanity uses a fully licensed and insured national transportation network and complies with all federal and state regulations.

To donate a car, truck, boat or RV to help Canyon County Habitat for Humanity build homes in your community: Call Cars for Homes™ toll free at 1-877-277-HFHI (4344) or process your car donation online now!