Advocate to increase access to safe, decent and affordable housing.

When you advocate with Habitat for Humanity, you're helping to change systems and policies in the U.S., and you're working alongside people in your community and across the nation who care passionately about creating affordable homes and stronger communities. In places where smart rules and regulations about land and building are established, there is more access to safe, affordable housing. In other places, where policies and systems are weak, there can be barriers to finding land suitable for building a home, building the home itself or ensuring that the home is affordable.
Habitat has been committed to ensuring families have access to affordable homes for decades. We recognize that we must continually work to create an enabling policy environment in order to realize our vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. As leaders with tremendous housing knowledge and experience, we advocate for a broad range of public policies - including:

  • Mortgage regulations.
  • Tax credits.
  • Neighborhood zoning.
  • Federal housing programs.
  • Credit access.
  • Land access.
Habitat is uniquely positioned to influence policies and systems. In addition to our direct construction and renovation work in partnership with families in need of decent and affordable shelter, we have the ability - and, now more than ever, the responsibility - to promote concrete, practical public policy housing solutions, ensuring that more families can find appropriate, quality, affordable housing across the U.S.

We proudly represented Canyon County at this year's Habitat on the Hill, Habitat for Humanity International's annual legislative conference! This conference is an opportunity for Habitat homeowners, staff members, volunteers and supporters from around the country to unite in Washington, D.C., as advocates for safe and affordable housing.
The three-day conference features national and local experts who share how to effectively advocate for local housing solutions while gaining a better understanding of Habitat's national advocacy work and its impact.

Habitat on the Hill attendees serve as advocates in action during meetings with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, sharing personal accounts and information that demonstrate how housing affordability empowers families. Lawmakers are encouraged to support favorable housing policies and programs, as well as specific budget requests that reinforce the continuation of Habitat's work.

The 2020 conference focused on Habitat's role as a leader in protecting and improving home affordability through policy change at the local, state and federal levels.