How your company can give back to the community

Are you looking for a team-building opportunity for your company?  Is your company looking to give back to the community?  Do you want to encourage your employees to volunteer for a good cause?

CCHFH is looking for companies and employees to help us build strong communities.  We need volunteers to work hours in our Restore, help build houses, help remodel rooms, reach out to our community and so many other opportunities.  No matter how big or small your company may be, we can accommodate any number of volunteers and have plenty of work to be done!

“Fact: Companies which are known as terrific workplaces generally understand and emphasize the importance of communication, co-operation and team building. It’s a significant part of what turns a good company into a great company.  The participants win because the results of their joint achievements are so much more than the sum of the parts; and the company wins with desired results, potential tax benefits and the opportunity for great public relations. And the participants go home feeling better about themselves and the company for which they work. Everybody wins, including you!” (

Volunteering at CCHFH offers your company the opportunity to get your name out to the public and show the community that you care, and that you’re giving back.  It gives you the opportunity to create team building between your employees, giving them a chance to work together in an environment that encourages friendliness and fun. 

Recently a team from Wells Fargo did just that, participating in one of our habitat builds!

We have lots of places to put volunteers and we’d love to show you how working with CCHFH can make your company stronger while giving your employees a chance to have FUN!

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