Public Relations

    The Public Relations Committee is responsible for sharing Habitat’s mission with the people living in the geographic service area and all volunteers. The goal of the committee is to continually seek to raise and maintain the community’s awareness of Habitat’s work in ways that properly reflect the mission, beliefs and image of HFHI. Sharing the mission includes educating and informing the public of Habitat principles, policies and procedures in an accurate and responsible manner. Effective sharing of the Habitat mission with the entire community will raise public awareness and ultimately activate more people to be involved in some way, shape or form in the elimination of poverty housing from the face of the earth. It should also assist in additional leveraging of local resources to address local challenges.

    Member’s Skills and Attributes:

    • Be familiar with the basics of public relations and public awareness/education campaigns
    • Be familiar with working with the media
    • Be familiar with special event planning
    • Be enthusiastic, creative, committed, and advocacy-oriented
    • Be able to commit for one year
    • Be prepared for meetings and actively participate in meetings
    • Be willing to participate in the activities planned by the PR Committee
    • Know the Affiliate Covenant principles and the principles that HFH procedures are based on
    • Know how to develop fact sheets, press releases, brochures, write letters, etc.
    • Able to interact with all kinds of people from all walks of life

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