The purpose of the Fundraising Committee is to work in partnership with the Board to ensure that the fiscal needs of the affiliate are met and to share the opportunity throughout the community to participate in the ministry with cash and in-kind gifts.

    Member’s Skills and Attributes:

    • Have the courage to offer the opportunity for giving to others
    • Know the intricacies of HFH and be able to answer questions regarding HFH principles, policies, and procedures
    • Have creative ideas and plans to generate resources
    • Be able to work with all different kinds of people
    • Know how to put together a budget and a fund development plan

    The Committee will:

    • Take the Board’s annual approved budget and shape a comprehensive fund development plan that includes target sources and amounts, dates and assignments
    • Work with the treasurer to ensure that processes are in place for donor recognition, IRS substantiation and categorized record keeping by source of income and donor
    • Request an annual budget from the Board for necessary expenses
    • Set up an appropriate sub-committee or work groups to handle efforts with churches, individuals, businesses, financial institutions, fraternal organizations, civic groups, foundations, etc.
    • Maintain records of where contacts have been made to avoid duplication of effort
    • Seek a list of in-kind donations desired by the building committee and develop strategies to meet those needs.

    Contact Us to become a member of this committee


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