Faith and Church Relations

    Habitat volunteers are on a mission to build Canyon County Habitat’s Church Relations Committee with people of faith to involve the community’s churches in the ministry of Habitat for Humanity. Their goal is to enlist the help of a number of persons whose profession of faith is made clear by their practice of their faith.

    Habitat for Humanity is fundamentally a faith-based organization of ecumenical volunteers for whom God’s people living in sub-standard, unsafe and over-crowded circumstances is morally unacceptable. The Church Relations Committee seeks to develop strong ties with congregations who will:

    • regularly include Habitat’s continuing efforts to eliminate poverty housing in their prayers;
    • invite a spokesman from Canyon County Habitat for Humanity to speak to their membership;
    • encourage their members to regularly volunteer with Habitat at the job-site, in the ReStore, or on its administrative committees; and,
    • include Habitat’s efforts to build safe, decent and affordable houses in their missions budget;
    • who will consider sponsoring or partnering with other congregations to sponsor a Habitat build.

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